The Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship is always open to cooperation and welcomes guests with pleasure. So, on March 11, 2020, Directors of general secondary education of the Darnytskyi district in Kyiv visited the walls of the higher educational institution.

Traditionally, the acquaintance began with a tour of the campus for students. The guests showed an unusual interest in a creative approach to the architecture of the building.

“This is a completely different level, everything is done by people for people. Many universities abroad have a similar approach. It is great that Ukraine has such an Institute”, – comments the Director of the Lyceum “Naykova Zmina” Maria Lysenko.

The combination of modern architecture and unique design made a great impression on the guests of the Institute.

After a delicious break in the Bella Vista pizzeria, where Aletheia Dolci pastry shop treated the Directors to aromatic coffee, sweets, and original desserts, all the guests were invited to the conference hall. Olena Babina, President of the Institute, presented the values, ideas, and requirements of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship and answered all questions.

Yaroslava Shkurko, a practical trainer and lecturer at the Institute, delivered a lecture entitled “Creative tools in HR-management”, conducted a number of informative psychological tests to identify leadership potential and spoke about effective interaction during the communication process.

The second part of the tour was traditionally a master class on cooking real Italian pizza in a wood-burning oven. Those who wanted to shake the dough, chose the ingredients according to their own taste and placed the prepared dish on the spatula and sent it to the oven. Aletheia Dolci pastry chef Oksana Krupko helped guests prepare pizza: she revealed the subtleties of preparing the perfect crispy dough and a harmonious combination of flavors. A master class in pizza preparation is not only a delicious bonus but also an opportunity to get a new experience, develop a creative approach to cooking.

The final lecture “Pedagogy of creativity” for the Directors was given by the Institute’s lecturer Mikhailo Ioffe. The lecturer paid considerable attention to body language and gestures, explaining why this is so important not only during the negotiations but also during all the communication process. Mikhailo spoke about “open” and “closed” poses, confident steps, facial expressions and gestures using examples of famous personalities.

“You can get information from a person even when they haven’t said a word to you yet”, – the lecturer says.

At the end of the event, the President of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship presented the Directors with certificates of successful completion of the one-day course “Creative tools in HR management” and invited students of their schools to an open Day.

The guests showed interest in cooperation, so we are looking forward to new meetings!