During the quarantine period, the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship introduced distance learning and turned into a modern platform for conducting online events of any format. The atmosphere of learning and getting new knowledge remained unchanged, as well as the spirit of business and fruitful cooperation, which was greatly helped by both teachers and students.

The second module of the spring semester was held in an online format, slightly changing, and adding a specially adapted curriculum for students. Students of all Mini MBA training programs received tasks for home study, which were worked out with teachers in a practical format during the module. The theoretical part of all lectures was combined with additional practice, which helped students to delve even deeper into the study of a number of disciplines.

The second module had started on the lecture by Elena Babina, President of the Institute, on the topic “Panic&Virus”. At the end of the lecture, students discussed a number of issues that arose during the report. Is it true that the anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic can cause as much harm as the viral infection itself? How to maintain your psychoemotional state? Where to direct energy, why, and how to block mass panic? As well as many other topical issues.

According to the schedule, not only classes were held, but also electives, which were also held in an online format. Together with the Institute’s teacher Larisa Tarasyuk, students analyzed the philosophical concept of “Alitheia”, criteria, concepts, theories, judgments, and teachings of outstanding philosophers, plunging into a unique journey in the atmosphere and spirit of ancient times. At the end of the lesson, the teacher quoted Professor Antonio Meneghetti: “The life world is a pure, accurate intuition. Inner contact with the Logos, In-se – the path that allows you to go to the point of formalization of pure intuition. This allows access to the birth of pure intuition.”

An equally impressive atmosphere prevailed at the cinemalogy for the film “Here they smoke”, because cinemalogy is a powerful tool at the same time and one of the most favorite among all students of the IPE. This time, students and guests of the Institute who joined the elective, spoke on the topic “The form of human thinking that creates success”.

The following photos are from the archive of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship.

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