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Teachers of the Institute of Psychology and Entrepreneurship took part in the “Online HR Marathon №5”, which was held by the business media holding Ekonomika +. To run the marathon, media bureau specialists brought together market leaders to support Ukrainian business during the crisis and help HR professionals who want to quickly and painlessly adapt the team to the new mode of operation.

Speaking to the audience of the online marathon, Olena Babina,the President of the Institute of Psychology and Entrepreneurship, noted that today it is important for business owners to develop the ability of quick adaptation to crisis realities. Besides, Olena Babina recommended that students took advantage of some features of the crisis in their work.

“In today’s real life, interviews are mostly held in video format.

In order to make the right choice in favor of a candidate an HR professional, CEO or business owner should take advantage of possibility to assess a specialist   through video interview. It can be sent to the client or the manager, and he will be able to watch the video at any time convenient for him, “said Elena Babina, President of IPE.

During the event, recruitment specialists provided the audience with anti-crisis tools and an effective strategy for further development. In her speech to the online audience, Yaroslava Shkurko, a lecturer at the Institute of Psychology and Entrepreneurship,  Candidate of Psychological Science, noted that during the interview with the candidate it is important to pay attention to the peculiarities of psycholinguistics.

«If the candidate uses verbs meaning “completenes” or “perfection”, for example — “fulfill”, “achieve”, then such a candidate is set for the result, not the current process».

At the same time, in order to understand psychological features of the candidate, the lecturer of the Institute of Psychology and Entrepreneurship Mykhailo Ioffe recommended the audience to use the knowledge of kinetics and proxemics.

“If a person does not cover the visceral area – it means that he is as open as possible. If a person uses gestures with open palms, he is telling the truth.

If the candidate strokes the fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other hand, he is in a state of stress and tries to calm himself“, said non-verbal communication specialist Mykhailo Ioffe.

Taking into consideration realities today, it is also worth paying attention to the background chosen by the candidate for the video interview. To understand more about the person at the first meeting, Iryna Khomenko, a lecturer at the Institute of Psychology and Entrepreneurship, recommended that the marathon audience analyze candidate’s appearance. The stylist noted that, for example, the choice of accessories characterizes personality and life priorities of the candidate.

“The psychology of color will help you understand what a person wants to show you. If the candidate has a white collar, it means that he is a person of rules and used to follow established frameworks. At the same time, a large number of accessories tells about versatility of the individual and richness of the inner world, “said Iryna Khomenko, a teacher at IPP.



Students of the unique training course “Woman in Business through the Eyes of a Man” conducted by Konstantin Kruglov, a lecturer at the Institute of Psychology and Entrepreneurship, learned how a woman can better understand and create herself, educate herself as a leader, develop the skills and ability to win.

Members of the public organiztion “The Ukrainian Business Women” who are successful Ukrainian women from all over the country, were able to learn how to become more aware of the their naturalness, how to accept and use it profitably in their activities. During the lecture, Konstantin Kruglov shared purely secret masculine  vision of women in business environment.

Among the main aspects that an entrepreneur representing the fair sex needs to develop in order to develop character of a leader, the IPE teacher singled out the following:

✅ Aim at a specific result.

✅ Expand the “look” into the future, not to focus on the present and past.

✅ Develop purely masculine perception of the “essence” of the case, not just its “form”.

✅ Having reached the top, use the tools of power to realize one’s inner potential.

During the lecture, Konstantin Kruglov also noted that by nature women are much more resilient, stronger than men, and the makings of woman’s leadership potential throughout human history have not been still fully realized. The lecturer noted that nowadays a woman has more opportunities than ever before in order to be realized.



Students of the Institute of Psychology and Entrepreneurship successfully passed the last exams of the summer session. Students of the MINI MBA program in the areas of “Business Psychology” and “Communicative Management” coped with passing the exams.

“This is our first session, which has showed that results and changes come only when we act, when we apply new knowledge in action. I liked the test of the art of presentation the most – we received so much sincerity, smiles, joy, energy from each other and from our teacher Anastasia! We are already waiting for the next module. We hope that it will take place offline, ”said Olena Sh., A freshman in the MINI MBA program in the field of Communicative Management.

Besides, the first gruop of students who entered the PPI and studied under the MINI MBA program, have covered the last 5th module of the second semester of the current academic year.

Olena Babina, the President of the Institute of Psychology and Entrepreneurship, noted that the first students to join the IPI in 2018 for the MINI MBA program in HR Management have completed the first stage of certification of their last session.

“Like all mankind, we found ourselves in new realities of life, but our students and faculty managed to cope with new challenges perfectly! And students have been able to show high level of training, mobility and ability to achieve high results, no matter what. I congratulte our students on having successfully completed the session and I wish them luck in defending their diploma theseses, ”said IPE President Olena Babina.

At the end of the July, the graduates are expected to defend their diploma theseses. All theoretical and practical knowledge aquired at lectures of IPE the students will demonstrate in their graduation qualification papers.



The Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship shares the goals of sustainable development and implements these initiatives through educational programs for bachelors, managers and entrepreneurs. It is through the latest programs that the Institute transforms approaches to education, taking responsibility and fulfilling the main mission – to teach people to understand and create themselves, to educate themselves as a leader in this world, to develop the ability and ability to win.

We take the selection of best practices and relevant programs very seriously, in particular with regard to our new future, new approaches, and new challenges that the new reality has put before us.

That is why the Institute has launched a course of optional classes “New reality, intuition, future”, which are designed, first of all, to help everyone find themselves, their own way, listen to their own intuition and make a leap – a powerful step that will lead to the implementation of new opportunities in a new reality.

The first lecture of the course was devoted to the topic “Collisions of modern life”, which was conducted by doctor of philosophy, associate Professor and teacher of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship Larisa Tarasyuk.

Together with the lecturer, the students and the audience reflected on what is really happening and is hidden behind the panic and anxiety, how to cope with the endless information flow and illusory deadlock, how to find your true self and move on.

Here is an excerpt from the lecture.

Please note that classes are held online on Thursdays from 18: 00 to 19: 00
To clarify organizational details, please contact: +38(067) 519 75 77 Yulia Ritsik



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