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During the quarantine period, the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship introduced distance learning and turned into a modern platform for conducting online events of any format. The atmosphere of learning and getting new knowledge remained unchanged, as well as the spirit of business and fruitful cooperation, which was greatly helped by both teachers and students.

The second module of the spring semester was held in an online format, slightly changing, and adding a specially adapted curriculum for students. Students of all Mini MBA training programs received tasks for home study, which were worked out with teachers in a practical format during the module. The theoretical part of all lectures was combined with additional practice, which helped students to delve even deeper into the study of a number of disciplines.

The second module had started on the lecture by Elena Babina, President of the Institute, on the topic “Panic&Virus”. At the end of the lecture, students discussed a number of issues that arose during the report. Is it true that the anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic can cause as much harm as the viral infection itself? How to maintain your psychoemotional state? Where to direct energy, why, and how to block mass panic? As well as many other topical issues.

According to the schedule, not only classes were held, but also electives, which were also held in an online format. Together with the Institute’s teacher Larisa Tarasyuk, students analyzed the philosophical concept of “Alitheia”, criteria, concepts, theories, judgments, and teachings of outstanding philosophers, plunging into a unique journey in the atmosphere and spirit of ancient times. At the end of the lesson, the teacher quoted Professor Antonio Meneghetti: “The life world is a pure, accurate intuition. Inner contact with the Logos, In-se – the path that allows you to go to the point of formalization of pure intuition. This allows access to the birth of pure intuition.”

An equally impressive atmosphere prevailed at the cinemalogy for the film “Here they smoke”, because cinemalogy is a powerful tool at the same time and one of the most favorite among all students of the IPE. This time, students and guests of the Institute who joined the elective, spoke on the topic “The form of human thinking that creates success”.

The following photos are from the archive of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship.

Learn with pleasure!



On May 15, in non-stop mode will take place the online HR MARATHON “How to survive and not to lose motivation during the pandemic”, which will be attended by teachers of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship.

The strongest experts and practitioners from Human Resources of major international and Ukrainian companies will tell you how they quickly and effectively transferred employees online, how to keep the motivation and deal with the strategy and security of their team.

Participants of the annual marathon, which has been held for five years in a row by the Business media bureau economica+ and the publication Delo, will hear more than 20 reports on the latest trends in HR and will find out about the company’s instruments on saving their teams in crisis today. Each report will be filled with useful information and a description of working tools for staff management.

During the day participants will receive answers to the following questions:

➡ How do I keep my employees ‘ performance in remote mode?

➡ How do companies respond to the crisis triggered by the coronavirus?

➡ How to hire, develop, maintain, and motivate employees in various fields: agro, mechanical engineering, retail, pharma, and others?

➡ ️Which companies have managed to take care of the health of their employees and why is it profitable for everyone in the end?

➡ How does an employer’s brand work in a crisis, how to audit it and develop it systematically?

➡ What forms the company’s internal image?

➡Training programs and working conditions for employees.

➡The rules of the organization and control of team work.

“At previous meetings, we have already talked about non-standard ways of recruiting, employee motivation, trend breakers in HR, energy efficiency in work. We discussed digital intelligence for HR, automation of HR functions, competence analysis, creative team management, and how HR works without HR. The theme of the fifth HR MARATHON is dictated by an event that in 2020 plunged the entire human capital market into a transformation mode — rethinking priorities and finding yourself as a person and a specialist, your business and your team in the shortest possible time. We will talk about how the processes of interaction in teams and between employees were transformed during the coronavirus pandemic” – the organizers say.

To book a ticket for the fifth HR MARATHON, please call: 0954643591 and 0672230179 or contact:

Details at the link:…/hr-marathon-2020-kak-vyzhit-i-ne-zagubit…/




The Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship gives each of you the opportunity to participate in the contest “Best motivational letter” on the topic: “Why do I want to study at the IPE and how do I see my own future?” and WIN a discount on training at the Institute in the amount of 2000 UAH.


  • You will get the practice of writing a motivational letter – one of the mandatory components required for admission to the world’s leading higher education institutions;
  • If your motivation letter turns out to be one of the best – get feedback from the Institute’s management and teachers regarding the content, content and form;
  • You will win a discount of 2000 UAH for training in one of the Institute’s programs: “HR-management” or “Communication Management” (the course provides only 24 free places).

The competition runs until April 15, 2020 inclusive. The results will be reported on the Institute’s social media pages after all emails have been processed.

Send emails to the following address: until 15.04.2020

DOWNLOAD: guidelines for writing a motivational letter



The Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship is always open to cooperation and welcomes guests with pleasure. So, on March 11, 2020, Directors of general secondary education of the Darnytskyi district in Kyiv visited the walls of the higher educational institution.

Traditionally, the acquaintance began with a tour of the campus for students. The guests showed an unusual interest in a creative approach to the architecture of the building.

“This is a completely different level, everything is done by people for people. Many universities abroad have a similar approach. It is great that Ukraine has such an Institute”, – comments the Director of the Lyceum “Naykova Zmina” Maria Lysenko.

The combination of modern architecture and unique design made a great impression on the guests of the Institute.

After a delicious break in the Bella Vista pizzeria, where Aletheia Dolci pastry shop treated the Directors to aromatic coffee, sweets, and original desserts, all the guests were invited to the conference hall. Olena Babina, President of the Institute, presented the values, ideas, and requirements of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship and answered all questions.

Yaroslava Shkurko, a practical trainer and lecturer at the Institute, delivered a lecture entitled “Creative tools in HR-management”, conducted a number of informative psychological tests to identify leadership potential and spoke about effective interaction during the communication process.

The second part of the tour was traditionally a master class on cooking real Italian pizza in a wood-burning oven. Those who wanted to shake the dough, chose the ingredients according to their own taste and placed the prepared dish on the spatula and sent it to the oven. Aletheia Dolci pastry chef Oksana Krupko helped guests prepare pizza: she revealed the subtleties of preparing the perfect crispy dough and a harmonious combination of flavors. A master class in pizza preparation is not only a delicious bonus but also an opportunity to get a new experience, develop a creative approach to cooking.

The final lecture “Pedagogy of creativity” for the Directors was given by the Institute’s lecturer Mikhailo Ioffe. The lecturer paid considerable attention to body language and gestures, explaining why this is so important not only during the negotiations but also during all the communication process. Mikhailo spoke about “open” and “closed” poses, confident steps, facial expressions and gestures using examples of famous personalities.

“You can get information from a person even when they haven’t said a word to you yet”, – the lecturer says.

At the end of the event, the President of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship presented the Directors with certificates of successful completion of the one-day course “Creative tools in HR management” and invited students of their schools to an open Day.

The guests showed interest in cooperation, so we are looking forward to new meetings!



On February 20, representatives of the public organization “Business Ukrainian Women” visited the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship. The club of successful women implements a number of social and creative projects in more than 14 regions of Ukraine.

The club’s community is interested in self-development and education of the participants, so the women willingly visited the “Business Breakfast”, where representatives and lecturers of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship were waiting for them.

Traditionally, guests were invited to get acquainted with the interior and history of the Institution, to plunge into its atmosphere and visit the Institute’s classrooms, rooms for students, library, Italian clothing boutique Massimo Sarto, conference hall, restaurant. Every corner of the Institute was not left without attention and pleasantly impressed the participants of the club.

Acquaintance with the Institute continued in the pizzeria, where guests were already waiting for a fragrant and nutritious breakfast, as well as fresh sweets from the confectionery Aletheia Dolci.

Participants of the club came to the Institute from different parts of Ukraine for a” Business Breakfast”. Each woman shared her history of joining the organization and told about her own sphere of activity. At the end of the breakfast, the guests were invited to the conference hall, where they were waiting for lectures and creative tasks from the Institute’s teachers.

Yaroslava Shkurko – lecturer of the Institute, spoke about the techniques for conducting interviews with candidates, focusing on the assessment methods. The guests discussed a number of questions that help interviewers in better understanding the intentions of the interviewees and identify a particular candidate’s suitable for company. The lecturer focused on typical mistakes of interviewers which better to avoid during the interview.

Irina Khomenko – lecturer of the Institute, told about clothes, accessories, and image details of candidates in the context of psychology. The guests watched a number of videos with the interviewees, which the lecturer analyzed together with the audience, explaining why some of the candidates were more convincing than others and drew attention to the colors that should be chosen for their own image during the interview.

Mikhailo Ioffe – lecturer of the Institute, gave a practical lecture on kinetics and proxemics. Together with lector, participants watched several videos, during which the guests had the opportunity to analyze the behavior, gestures, positions of hands and feet, as well as other information that was shown by the “body” of the candidate.

The participants of the “Business Breakfast” carried out a comprehensive analysis of the interviewees, because they had the opportunity to evaluate them from three points of view: recruitment methods, clothing style, kinetics and proxemics.

Club “Business Ukrainian Women” members actively participated in discussions, asked lots of questions and expressed a desire to return to the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship as students in Mini MBA programs.