The Department of management and entrepreneurship provides teaching of professionally oriented disciplines in the specialty “Management”.



  • managing the activities of enterprises in the context of changes
  • staff management
  • strategic management of sustainable development
  • change management based on the principles of sustainable development and change theory formation of staff policy at enterprises etc.


  • management
  • operations management
  • employment management
  • staff records management
  • management of business communications
  • managing conflicts in the team
  • international business management
  • European management experience
  • creative management
  • knowledge management
  • image management
  • staff management
  • quality management system in HR management
  • stuffing
  • recruiting
  • socially-oriented management
  • HR-engineering
  • leadership in management
  • quality management system in HR management

The Department conducts research on the problems of formation of management systems based on the theory of leadership. Within the framework of the problem, scientific research is being implemented:

  • strategic management of enterprises based on the principles of sustainable development;
  • creating a change management system;
  • adaptation of psychological methodology to enterprise management systems and the like.

The results of scientific research form the basis of textbooks, manuals, monographs, and guidelines that are printed and actively used in teaching. There is a continuous search for new forms and methods to activate the educational process, business games and trainings are introduced. Lecturers take part in scientific and methodological activities.


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Life credo:

“A person’s style is the voice of it`s soul”

(c) Oscar Wilde

Head of the Department, Ph. D., practicing coach, representative of Massimo Sarto in Ukraine.

Experience and competencies:

  • 12 years of teaching in higher education institutions, as well as coaching experience;
  • 6 years of managerial experience as a project Manager in the field of corporate culture and fashion industry management;
  • Author of more than 30 scientific papers, including one collective monograph in co-authorship;
  • Internships and professional development in Poland, Wroclaw (office for competition and consumer protection of the Republic of Poland).


  • In 2003 graduated from the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics and received a full degree in antitrust Management and qualified as an Antitrust Manager.
  • In 2016 graduated from the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Saint Petersburg State University” professional retraining program “Psychology”, training direction “Ontopsychology”.
  • In 2009 defended her thesis on 08.00.02 “World economy and international economic relations”. Thesis topic: “Influence of transnational corporations on the competitive environment of national economy”.

Research interests:

  • Formation of labor management policy;
  • Leadership in business practice;
  • Influence of leadership on modern business processes.
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Life credo:

“Let him who would move the world first move himself”.

(c) Socrates

Lecturer of the Department, Practicing coach, Expert in project management.

Experience and competencies:

  • More than 8 years of project management experience;
  • More than 40 trainings in the field of leadership, marketing, management and project management;
  • 2 years of teaching at higher education institution;
  • Advanced training and internships in different countries of the world: Italy, Brazil, etc;
  • Acquired competencies for the development of corporate culture;
  • Teaching strategic and project management;
  • Consulting on analysis and evaluation of the market environment.


  • In 2010 graduated graduated from the Kiev National Economic University named after Vadim Getman, specialty “Management of organizations”;
  • In 2017 graduated from the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Saint Petersburg State University”, professional retraining program “Psychology”, training direction “Ontopsychology”.
  • In 2019 defended dissertation research on the topic: “Management of increasing the operational efficiency of industrial enterprises”.

Research interests:

  • Managing business projects;
  • Leadership in project management;
  • Managing under conditions of change.
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Life credo:

“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist”.

(c) Jack London

Professor of the Department, Doctor of Economics. Winner of the state prize in science and technology (2014).

Experience and competencies:

  • 26 years of teaching at Ukrainian universities in positions ranging from assistant to Head of the Department;
  • 11 years of managerial activity in the higher education institution (Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Dean of the faculty of Economics and business);
  • Head and responsible executor of research works of theoretical and applied nature, financed from the state budget of Ukraine;
  • Member of the editorial Board of the international journal “Modern Science – Moderní věda “(Official certificate of registration of the journal no. MK 53506/2013 OMA, MK ČR E 21453 (Prague, Czech Republic)). The journal is included in the list of scientific publications of the Eastern European center for basic research EECFR (certificate no 57/2013).
  • In 2008-2016, worked as a member of the editorial Board in the field of Economics and management in the journals “Vestnik KNUTD”, “Light industry”;
  • Experience of successful management of scientific work of postgraduates and doctoral students. 11 master’s theses and 1 doctor’s thesis were defended under personal supervision. Worked as a Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council D 26.102.05 KNUTD for the specialty 08.00.04 Economics and enterprise management;
  • Member of the Academic Council D 67.052.05 Kherson national technical University;
  • Author of more than 160 scientific works, including monographs, textbooks and manuals with the stamp of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, including: textbooks – 6, textbooks – 2, monographs – 10, articles – 107, scientific publications – 43, in the scientometric database ” SCOPUS” – 3, in other international databases – 12;
  • Internships and professional development in different countries:                                           29.04-10.05.2003 Netherlands Management Cooperation program, The Netherlands, the Hague; topic: “World fendencies of development of Light Industry”;                                9.11.2014-15.11.2014 Higher school of Informatics and arts, Lodz, Poland “Modern University-project approach to the organization of work in accordance with the provisions of the European qualification framework”;
  • 05.2016-3.06.2016 Mendel University in Brno, Eastern European Center of the Fundamental Researchers Brno, Czech Republic “The formation of the system of the organizational and economic changes in the management of Universities”;
  • May-June 2017 advanced training in international project Management: monitoring and evolution Eastern European Center of the Fundamental Researchers Brno, Czech Republic, Mendel University in Brno;
  • Experience in developing, implementing and licensing educational programs of various educational levels: “Management”, “Management of small and medium-sized businesses”, “Business administration”, “Consumer services”, “HR-management” etc;
  • Development of scientific and methodological support for courses and their teaching: “Management”, “Strategic management”, “Corporate Management”, “Change Management”.


  • In 1993 graduated from the Kiev Institute of Technology of Light Industry, specialty “Economics and management of light and textile industry enterprises”.
  • In 1997 defended dissertation for the degree of candidate of technical sciences in the specialty 05.02.21 “Organization of production” on the topic: “Management of product renewal processes”;
  • In 2006 defended dissertation for the degree of Doctor of economic sciences on the topic: “Methodological foundations of strategic management of industrial enterprises”.

Research interests:

  • Strategic management of business entities;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Modern mechanisms for implementing the policy of changes in the real economy.