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On February 20, representatives of the public organization “Business Ukrainian Women” visited the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship. The club of successful women implements a number of social and creative projects in more than 14 regions of Ukraine.

The club’s community is interested in self-development and education of the participants, so the women willingly visited the “Business Breakfast”, where representatives and lecturers of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship were waiting for them.

Traditionally, guests were invited to get acquainted with the interior and history of the Institution, to plunge into its atmosphere and visit the Institute’s classrooms, rooms for students, library, Italian clothing boutique Massimo Sarto, conference hall, restaurant. Every corner of the Institute was not left without attention and pleasantly impressed the participants of the club.

Acquaintance with the Institute continued in the pizzeria, where guests were already waiting for a fragrant and nutritious breakfast, as well as fresh sweets from the confectionery Aletheia Dolci.

Participants of the club came to the Institute from different parts of Ukraine for a” Business Breakfast”. Each woman shared her history of joining the organization and told about her own sphere of activity. At the end of the breakfast, the guests were invited to the conference hall, where they were waiting for lectures and creative tasks from the Institute’s teachers.

Yaroslava Shkurko – lecturer of the Institute, spoke about the techniques for conducting interviews with candidates, focusing on the assessment methods. The guests discussed a number of questions that help interviewers in better understanding the intentions of the interviewees and identify a particular candidate’s suitable for company. The lecturer focused on typical mistakes of interviewers which better to avoid during the interview.

Irina Khomenko – lecturer of the Institute, told about clothes, accessories, and image details of candidates in the context of psychology. The guests watched a number of videos with the interviewees, which the lecturer analyzed together with the audience, explaining why some of the candidates were more convincing than others and drew attention to the colors that should be chosen for their own image during the interview.

Mikhailo Ioffe – lecturer of the Institute, gave a practical lecture on kinetics and proxemics. Together with lector, participants watched several videos, during which the guests had the opportunity to analyze the behavior, gestures, positions of hands and feet, as well as other information that was shown by the “body” of the candidate.

The participants of the “Business Breakfast” carried out a comprehensive analysis of the interviewees, because they had the opportunity to evaluate them from three points of view: recruitment methods, clothing style, kinetics and proxemics.

Club “Business Ukrainian Women” members actively participated in discussions, asked lots of questions and expressed a desire to return to the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship as students in Mini MBA programs.