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The Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship was founded in response to modern needs of the market, which causes an increase in professional requirements for employees, challenging specialists of many specialties. New technologies, international partnerships, legislative changes and multidisciplinary programs all require additional knowledge, experience and effort.

The IPE has become a higher education institution, which train specialists of new formation – professionals in their field and well-rounded personalities with powerful potential.

The idea of creating the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship arose from its founders in 2016 as a result of three events – situations that are embedded in its foundation:

  • The IPE is the fruit of the magnificent work of the master, professor Antonio Meneghetti, who dedicated his life to the development of humanistic ideas and the formation of leadership potential aimed at improving the quality of life of mankind;
  • The result of the development of their own minds of the founders of IPE, formed using ontopsychological techniques;
  • An investment of the mind of entrepreneurs who storm the higher horizons of our natural existence and want to change the world.

In 2018 the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship received a license to train specialists in educational program “Bachelor” in specialty 073 “Management”, educational program “HR-management”.

In 2019 the Institute started recruiting for three Mini MBA educational programs: “HR-management”, “Business Psychology”, “Communication Management”.