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Staff of the departments prepares specialists of the “Bachelor” degree, on specialty “Management”, according to the programs “HR-management” and “Communication Management”.

IPE established the departments, which includes three departments:

  • The Department of management and ontopsychology
  • The Department of social and humanitarian disciplines


The “HR-management” and “Communication Management” programs – are the bridge that will help you understand “rules of the game which named business”, become interesting to business and to:

  • Have an accurate knowledge about partnership mechanisms accurate;
  • Effectively change the corporate environment;
  • Develop as a professional and as a person.

The programs structure involves dynamic, integrative and interactive training of knowledge with the help of:

  • Modern methods of management decision-making;
  • Planning of development staff potential of the enterprise;
  • Ensuring the competitiveness of economic entities.

The programs offer the comprehensive approach to learning by providing a combination of theoretical and applied aspects, the introduction of the principle of dual education, strengthening cooperation with business, government agencies and non-governmental organizations. The disciplines and modules included in the program are based on modern theories and are closely related to their practical application in the business environment.

The Institute develops prospects for professional training of specialists in the field of human resource management, taking into account the specific features of the functioning of enterprises, including the processing industry. The programs are taught in Ukrainian and English.

Approaches to teaching and learning. Student-centered, problem-oriented, initiative self-study.

Teaching is carried out in the form of lectures, practical classes, laboratory work, seminars, work in small groups, individual classes, practical training, consultations with lecturers, self-learning through the electronic system of the educational process MOODLE, interactive lectures and practical classes.

The Department of management and ontopsychology together with the Department of social and humanitarian disciplines prepare students on the specialties “HR-management” and “Communication Management”.

The educational process at the Department is provided by a scientific and pedagogical team consisting of specialists who constantly improve the forms and methods of training, apply the latest techniques and innovations. In the teaching staff of the Department: Doctors of science (22%) and Lecturers with a PhD degree (78%).

Evaluation methods

Knowledge testing, oral presentations, reports after passing laboratory work and practice, written essays, portfolios, tests, course (project) work, oral and written exams, defense of the final thesis.



formation of well-developed personality, a competitive specialist who is able to make informed decisions and be responsible for activities of organization.

According to the results of the educational degree “Bachelor”, students will master:


  • advanced instruments of staff selection
  • classic and up-to-date staff management tools
  • psychology and its practical application in the process of work
  • staff development technologies


  • using and adapt the knowledge obtained in the higher education institution to the needs of the enterprise
  • understanding the company’s purpose and corporate culture
  • identify the true causes and motives of people’s behavior
  • regulating relationships by focusing on the goals and objectives of the company