On May 15, in non-stop mode will take place the online HR MARATHON “How to survive and not to lose motivation during the pandemic”, which will be attended by teachers of the Institute of psychology and entrepreneurship.

The strongest experts and practitioners from Human Resources of major international and Ukrainian companies will tell you how they quickly and effectively transferred employees online, how to keep the motivation and deal with the strategy and security of their team.

Participants of the annual marathon, which has been held for five years in a row by the Business media bureau economica+ and the publication Delo, will hear more than 20 reports on the latest trends in HR and will find out about the company’s instruments on saving their teams in crisis today. Each report will be filled with useful information and a description of working tools for staff management.

During the day participants will receive answers to the following questions:

➡ How do I keep my employees ‘ performance in remote mode?

➡ How do companies respond to the crisis triggered by the coronavirus?

➡ How to hire, develop, maintain, and motivate employees in various fields: agro, mechanical engineering, retail, pharma, and others?

➡ ️Which companies have managed to take care of the health of their employees and why is it profitable for everyone in the end?

➡ How does an employer’s brand work in a crisis, how to audit it and develop it systematically?

➡ What forms the company’s internal image?

➡Training programs and working conditions for employees.

➡The rules of the organization and control of team work.

“At previous meetings, we have already talked about non-standard ways of recruiting, employee motivation, trend breakers in HR, energy efficiency in work. We discussed digital intelligence for HR, automation of HR functions, competence analysis, creative team management, and how HR works without HR. The theme of the fifth HR MARATHON is dictated by an event that in 2020 plunged the entire human capital market into a transformation mode — rethinking priorities and finding yourself as a person and a specialist, your business and your team in the shortest possible time. We will talk about how the processes of interaction in teams and between employees were transformed during the coronavirus pandemic” – the organizers say.

To book a ticket for the fifth HR MARATHON, please call: 0954643591 and 0672230179 or contact:

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